Government Contracting

Klehr Harrison’s government contracting attorneys have experience in both the governmental and private sectors. Our attorneys understand the myriad of government regulations that must be interpreted and navigated so that your business may prosper in the government contract marketplace. 

Our attorneys provide prudent and straightforward advice to guide our clients through the complicated government contracting process and advise our clients on every phase of the government procurement process, including drafting teaming agreements, contract interpretation, solicitation assessment, evaluation criteria analysis, change orders, audits and contract close-out. 

Our attorneys are committed to providing proactive legal advice to minimize the risk of future claims and allegations. When divergent positions cannot be reconciled, we represent contractors before the traditional government resolution venues—the Boards of Contract Appeals, the Court of Federal Claims and the Government Accountability Office. Even under the most pressing circumstances, our counselors provide timely advice to guide our clients through criminal and civil enforcement actions that seek to, effectively, shut down their businesses.
Our specific experience with government contracting includes the following: 

  • drafting, implementing and monitoring a Department  of Justice mandated administrative compliance program for a public company with millions of dollars in Department of Defense contracts;

  • successfully defending a public company against a Department of the Navy recommendation for suspension and debarment;

  • prosecuting a multi-million dollar claim on behalf of a public company before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims;

  • negotiating a teaming agreement between two public companies that jointly developed a combat personnel carrier for the Department of Defense;

  • drafting a complex end user license agreement for a foreign software manufacturer;

  • successfully litigating a significant termination for default before the General Accountability Office of Contract Appeals;

  • negotiating non-appropriated fund contracts on behalf of a multi-million dollar private company for numerous Department of Defense locations;

  • advising and counseling a very large private company through an Inspector General Office audit of its financial reporting and commercial product practices; and 

  • investigating and counseling individuals on qui tam claims.

Our government contracting attorneys are dependable and staunch advocates who are ready to serve your business needs.