About Us

Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP is a dynamic law firm known in the business, financial and legal communities for its aggressive and creative problem-solving skills.

Our lawyers call upon a broad base of practical experience and substantive skills in each of the firm's practice areas to swiftly identify clients' needs and deliver resourceful, innovative solutions. This client-centered focus has driven our consistent growth over the years.

Klehr Harrison was created as a result of the demand for prompt, insightful legal solutions from clients ranging from entrepreneurs to large institutions.  As sophisticated consumers of legal services, they sought an alternative to traditional law firm structures which too often reward lawyers for delay in problem resolution.

We recognized the need, and built a firm based on a simple, but challenging premise - to achieve our clients' objectives in an environment of total quality, professionalism and cost effectiveness.

Our lawyers understand our clients, their businesses and how they achieve their bottom line. Whether the client or problem is large or small, our total commitment to the client's interests and our own high standards is steadfast.  Most importantly, we recognize the role we play in the lives of our clients and respond accordingly - always seeing the big picture, always developing a no-nonsense, time-efficient resolution.

The firm's lawyers are judged every day by those whose scrutiny is most meaningful to us - our clients. Their support and confidence sustains us. We strive to be profit making for clients, not profit draining, to be part of the solution, not another part of the problem. Along with many of today's most progressive and successful business leaders, we believe that the highest quality service or product is delivered by organizations that concentrate on their core competencies. Our goal is to contribute to our clients' success.

Klehr Harrison offers legal excellence, innovative solutions, and sound judgment. We have kept faith in our founding principles and have achieved our goal to serve as the smart alternative to multi-tiered, traditional firms. Our clients tell us that at Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg there is a difference.

Clients call us for the counsel they need to take their business where they need to go...practical, business-oriented counsel given with real-world goals in mind. Whether completing a complex transaction or defending business interests in disputes of all sizes, we help clients reach those goals. 

And at the speed businesses need. 

Business Law at Business Speed®